Thursday, April 24, 2008

Talk, Talk, Talk!!!

Wow! Emercyn's a little chatter box! She says so many words, I've lost count. At 18 months, I wrote down all the words she said. I had a list of about 60 words. I kept trying to add to it, but it seemed like every day she said a new word! So I just stopped and stuck it in her baby book. She's now combining "what happened", "where's mommy", "more juice", "where'd it go", etc. We've been working on the words "please" (which she says "peese") and "thank you" (tank ooo"). It's so cute! I love this stage she's in. She just soaks up everything!

She also can count to 3!! She counts everything! She doesn't recognize the numbers yet, but I think being able to count is a good start! She also tries to say the alphabet, although I don't think she knows exactly what she's saying. Anytime I say it to her, or she hears it on the tv, she tries to mimic it. You can kind of (strong emphasis on kind of) understand the letters A through G. After that it's basically her just singing! :)

I'm just so proud of my little sugar bug! Just had to brag a bit!

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~Stevie~ said...

Wow! That's amazing-what a little genius!!! :)