Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mommy and Daddy do fun things too!!

Jason went ice fishing ( scary!!!) in Wyoming wit his two best buds from college a couple of weeks ago. He was gone about 4 days. They had such a great time!!! The girls and I missed him so much!! We haven't been away from him for that long was a long 4 days! :) As much as we missed him, we are so thankful and blessed for the wonderful friends he has! Thanks Dan and Josh (and John!!) for being such great friends to Jason....he had a blast!!!

I get to have some fun too!!!! I'm spending this coming weekend in Bricktown with my best friend from college! We have a "girls' weekend" planned, with manicures, massages, movies, great food, and fabulous company!!! I'm really looking forward to it!!!!!

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